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Miyo Strong talks about Self-Defense and Jiu-Jitsu

Team Be Non Human athlete Miyo Strong trains out of Unified Jiu-Jitsu in South Jordan, Utah, USA. She encourages young girls and women to learn basic martial arts skills and self defense techniques while being a competitor, mom, wife and all-around amazing human being in her free time. Miyo was interviewed by Fight Queens.

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Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova

By Rudi Lopez, M.A. | rudi.benhtv@gmail.com

Los Angeles, CA. –  From Maria Sharapova, one of our fiercest female athletes, the captivating—and candid—story of her rise from nowhere to tennis stardom, and the unending fight to stay on top.
In a small Russian town, where as a five-year-old she played on drab neighborhood courts with precocious concentration. It begins when her father, convinced his daughter could be a star, risked everything to get them to Florida, that sacred land of tennis academies. It begins when the two arrived with only seven hundred dollars and knowing only a few words of English. From that, Sharapova scraped together one of the most influential sports careers in history. 
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Model: Miyo Strong | Copyright Protected 2017

Be Non Human is a fitness and lifestyle fashion brand dedicated to the transformation of individuals into their best version of themselves. Website: http://www.benonhuman.com

How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition interviews David Goggins, former Navy Seal, endurance athlete, and self proclaimed the “Hardest Man Alive” on the show IMPACT THEORY.  Continue reading How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

Don’t Settle for Average…Be Non Human®

Be Non Human is an international brand of athleisure, yoga, fitness, and lifestyle clothing made of high quality fabrics and fashion forward styles. Website: http://www.benonhuman.com


BENH Sport Collection

BENH Sport Collection

Model: Miyo Strong | Photo Credit: Lisa Boshard

BENH Sport Collection is a fashion forward fitness and lifestyle clothing perfect for your fitness workouts, yoga, and casual wear. Website: http://www.benonhuman.com

5 Reasons Steve Sarkisian Joined the Atlanta Falcons

Steve Sarkisian

By Rudi Lopez, M.A. | rudi.benhtv@gmail.com

“I enjoy options. Options are a good thing to have.” – Conor McGregor

Playa Vista, CA. – It’s not personal. It’s strictly business. That beautiful line by young Michael Corleone in Godfather II. Steve Sarkisian must have felt really good to have some great options. After only one game as offensive coordinator for the University of Alabama, the Atlanta Falcons announced today that they have hired Sarkisian as their new offensive coordinator. Continue reading 5 Reasons Steve Sarkisian Joined the Atlanta Falcons

The Mental Toughness of Tom Brady!

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By Rudi Lopez, M.A. | rudi.benhtv@gmail.com

“Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game.” – Timothy Gallwey

Playa Vista, CA. – Sports is such an emotional event. It has a way of bringing people together, bringing out your passion, and can creating pride and at times intensity as fans defend and demonstrate their love for their favorite team. Rivalries are intense. The finals of any professional sports is exciting because you get to watch athletes perform on a big stage and under the pressure to perform and succeed.

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Team BOSS 2016 Champions

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West Jordan, Utah – Team Boss is crowned champions with an impressive 44-29 victory over Wolf Pack in the Utah 2K16 Asian Flag Football tournament final. Photo Credit: Miyo Strong Photography / Website: http://www.miyostrong.com