A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge of Second Chances

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell starts a running club on Skid Row and helps its members get a second chance at life
as they battle their addictions.

By Rudi Lopez, M.A. |

How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition interviews David Goggins, former Navy Seal, endurance athlete, and self proclaimed the “Hardest Man Alive” on the show IMPACT THEORY.  Continue reading How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

The 7th Gear Show – Indy 500 & Special Guests

The 7th Gear Show hosted by professional race car driver Kevin Krauss discusses Indy 500 and interviews some special guests who make this week’s show the best show since it’s launch. The live streaming of the show aired on May 18, 2017 on Facebook. This is the rebroadcast of the show. Guests: AJ and Nipper Alsup, Chief Instructor for the AMG Academy and Ernie Becker.

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Marathon Queen 100 Marathon’s Goal

Video Credit: BENH.TV | Copyright Protected 2017

Endurance athlete Violeta Heisler shares her story of becoming a marathon runner and eventually setting a goal of completing 100 full marathons while balancing family, raising her daughters and working full time.  Violeta did make it to the start line of the Los Angeles Marathon at Dodger Stadium and did complete the marathon, accomplishing her goal of 100 full marathons.

Sarah Williams @ Long Beach INDIE (Part 2)